Funkcje centralne

In order to increase effectiveness of operating business activity and to make best use of owned resources, Holding is creating companies, which serve central functions towards it.


Complex Finance

COMPLEX FINANCE Sp. z o.o. provides book-keeping services to REDWOOD Holding companies including, among others, registration of invoices and other cost documents with modern accounting applications and programs, preparation of VAT, PIT and CIT returns, calculation of monthly income tax payments.



METROLOG CENTRUM POMIAROWE Sp. z o.o. concerning metrology, length, angle, shape and analysis of chemical composition of construction material. It is supporting the process of solving metrological questions dealing in the range of 3P: project, prototype, production.


CONNECTON Sp. z o.o. is providing service connected with creating a positive enterprise image included in REDWOOOD Holding. CONNECTON is dealing with implementation and management: Internet sites, on-line shops, internal communication and designing promo materials: product catalogs, folders.



CREYO Sp. z o.o. is executing central functions in the range of IT and is supporting Holding companies in day-to-day device and program administration of IT resources.



CMX Outlet Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company operating in machines outlet and used devices in metal industry branch.


Central functions realized for the Group by REDWOOD HOLDING S.A.

Human Resources Management is creating, implementing and standardizing personal policy in Holding, conducting recruitment processes and choosing needed candidates on key posts. HR specialists team coordinates activities connected with executing personal policy and staff development in Holding companies. HR is supporting management in making decisions concerning crew, implements and coordinates course of training processes as well as projects dedicated for staff professional development (e.g. e-learning).

Controlling Department is dealing with supporting and managing activity of Holding by verification the degree to which company’s targets are accomplished. This enables Board of Directors to phrase expectations toward dependent subjects. Controlling department is carrying out enterprises economic results analysis, evaluates financial situation of dependent companies, provides reliable information about companies activity, is searching for “narrow throats” in companies and is determining outcome of future activities.

Financial Department is conducting allocation of financial resources as a part of Holding and preparing analysis and lists for Board of Directors needs, reports concerning results, investment projects evaluation and accounts consolidation.

Public Relations is handling with Holding’s employers branding among Clients, Contractors and Business Partners. To PR Department responsibilities belongs: building relations with media representatives and also constant information about events taking place in Holding and financial processes.

Investor Relations (IR) in a reliable way is providing parties of capital market with information about Holding as well as its presence on Warsaw stock Exchange. IR Department is taking care of building credibility of REDWOOD Holding in Investors and Analists through organised meetings with individual and institutional investors. Moreover, it is IR Department responsibility to send forward information about results enabling future and current Shareholders to evaluate Holding suitably.

Strategic marketing is accountable for formulating marketing strategy as a part of Holding’s strategic management including: market environment analysis, competition analysis, factors shaping business entity analysis, foreseeing future trends in areas of conducted business as well as in ones concerning attractive projects for Holding, selection and defining market strategy goals, Board of Directors coaching as well as e-marketing of companies included in Holding.

IT Department is dealing with congeneric service of Holding companies in terms of: IT consultancy, server administration, IT systems implementation, creating software and designing together with maintenance of the network.

Administrative Department is monitoring processes connected with telephony service and cooperation with insurance agencies to protect fixed assets and current assets.