Partnerships working in real estate segment

Nieruchomości Redwood Holding


B2B Properties Sp. z o.o. concentrates REDWOOD Holding Companies from real-estate, commercial and industrial sectors. B2B Properties target their offer mainly at enterprises looking for commercial buildings for rent.

Jotes business park

JOTES BUSINESS PARK Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company operating in industrial and commercial premises sectors. Company target their offer to economic subjects searching for office as well as production-storage area.

Company manages office buildings and production-storage area located on Papiernicza 7 street in Lodz.

Factory Business Park

Factory Business Park Sp. z o.o. manages and administers real-estate in terms of trade, service, production and storage area. Company manages office building and storage-service-production area located on Przybyszewskiego 176/178 street.