Today, in the business world, the major element distinguishing individual companies is people, their skills, personalities, represented values, and involvement in the achievement of the defined goal.

The REDWOOD Holding counts on ambitious, active, honest and committed employees who see solutions where others notice problems. We look for persons that perceive work as an opportunity for developing their own passion and improving their skills and knowledge all the time.

We appreciate employees that bravely face new challenges and are happy to achieve their professional ambitions.
The wide offer of the REDWOOD Holding and the continuous enhancement of quality in all operating areas mean that people are most important for us. Thanks to them, we may become a leader in our segments and ensure the high and stable growth of the shareholders values.

By setting ambitious goals, we realize that the achievement thereof is determined by people. Therefore, if you are interested in working with the REDWOOD Holding and your qualifications meet our requirements, please contact us.