Stages of recruiting process

Etapy rekrutacji

REDWOOD Holding is looking for people who have the ability to take the reins of their career, strive toward expertise enhancement, are not afraid of challenges and want to have actual influence on the company’s functioning.

The recruitment process consists of four phases:

PHASE 1 – documents analysis. HR Department employee analyses received application documents and selects candidates.

PHASE 2 – telephone call – preselecting interview. We make contact with chosen candidates. To initially determine mutual expectations and complete information about candidate included in application documents. People matching with candidates profile will be invited to a job interview to our headquarters.

PHASE 3 – job interview. Candidates knowledge about our business activity profile is essential. Therefore, we suggest getting familiar with information included on our website. First job interview, with chosen candidates, is prepared and conducted by HR Department employees, who are often accompanied by immediate superior.
During job interview you will be asked to fill recruitment questionnaire. For some posts you may be asked to complete psychological tests, language test or other quizzes verifying your knowledge from areas of our interest.

PHASE 4 – feedback. In two weeks’ time from the job interview we will call or send you a letter in order to inform you about the result of a recruitment process. If it were you, who have impressed us the most, we will invite you to discuss details concerning your employment.
We also would like to inform you that candidates who were not accepted on a given post, have a chance of employment during next recruitment process.