Mision and vision

misja i wizja Redwood Holding


We create the optimal environment for the development of a diversified port folio of the companies, providing a stable and above-average return from investment for the shareholders of Redwood Holding.

We invest in projects with high potential, which are entrusted to the effective managers guided by the group’s system of values.

Vision and philosophy of Redwood Holding actions:

REDWOOD Holding S.A. consequently builds its values through efficient selection and evaluation together with effective high potential investment projects management. REDWOOD Holding S.A. creates firm and effective structures supported by investment portfolio companies that are based on common value system.

Professionalism, proactivity, openness, reliability, team-work and constant self-development are the fundamental values at REDWOOD Holding S.A.

We manage our investment portfolio effectively thanks to high expertise, dedication, passion accompanied by efficient IT systems, original support methods and business restructuring.

Promising start-up projects and high potential enterprises on need of restructuring are supported by REDWOOD Holding S.A. financially. High return from investment is being achieved by effective acquisition of investors both on private market as well as on public one.

REDWOOD Holding S.A. investment portfolio companies are managed by ambitious, well-motivated and effective leaders, who are supported by Company while achieving business goals. Jointly created and refined experience exchanging system and best practices provides synergy and enhances the efficiency of the Holding. Dynamic, motivated team of professionalists, who are being also Holding’s shareholders, guarantees financial increase and highest rating evaluation among stock market companies.

Transparent Holding Structure, cooperation with universities and local community and charity strengthen our image as a trustworthy business partner as well as employer.


The prior strategic target is to built values of REDWOOD HOLDING for Stockholders and Business Partners through effective actions and optimal usage of intellectual potential, valuable assets and material resources.