Who are we?

REDWOOD Holding S.A. – former COMPLEX S.A. – since 1993 has been associated with polish machinery industry, at the beginning as producer of machine parts and distributor (including rolling bearings) and since 2007 as a company quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange creating Capital Group which manages an investment portfolio in the industrial, financial, real estate, e-commerce and start-up sectors.

REDWOOD Holding S.A. has been building Capital Group, which operates in many industrial branches for over 20 years. The Group consists of several portfolio companies that are tightly connected with the most modern as well as older history of Polish industry. Among dependent business entities, apart from companies connected with production and distribution of machine parts, there are numerous companies from various manufacturing and industry sectors such as COMPLEX IQ – rolling bearings market leader in Poland; FEN CELMA – polish producer of power tools; JOTES Machines Factory – enterprise with a 150-year-old tradition in production of finest grinder machines.

The Group focuses on effective management of companies’ portfolio and running activity aiming at the growth of its capitalization value.

It supports its projects not only in terms of capital, but also by implementing authorial conceptions of business development, creating the grounds for exchanging experiences and the best business practices by saving independency and autonomy of each Group’s company at the same time.

The development strategy of the Group assumes dynamic development based on diversification of actions with a particular emphasis on financial, property and modern-technology market. The strategic assumption of Group’s activity is permanent development through personal selling and organic development with the maximal potential use of each company. The effect of synergy, know-how, involvement, high competences and passion, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences collected during more than 20 years influence positively the Group’s development and the increase of Customers’ satisfaction.

One of REDWOOD Holding goals is to provide dependent subjects with support and necessary financial and human resources.

The undertaken actions aim to reach measurable financial results, achieve goals and arrange the balanced development of Holding. The efficient functioning of REDWOOD Holding and keeping good relations with Investors is a result of employing qualified staff, together with surrounding enabling them to improve their expertise.

In 2013 REDWOOD Holding S.A. celebrated the  20th anniversary, which was a milestone for functioning of Holding. Nevertheless, it intends to set out new goals, therefore has new achievements.

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