Children and youth assistance

“Kuźnia skrzydeł” FOUNDATION

Kuźnia Skrzydeł

REDWOOD Holding supports talents.

“Kuźnia skrzydeł” Foundation was founded in April 2013 with children and teenagers in mind, who are in a bad financial or life circumstances. The major goal of Foundation is to focus all efforts on help associated with undertaking actions, which will enable kids and teenagers to develop their talents through education, waking up their interests, material and technical help.

Original talent developing programme was prepared in the course of FOUNDATION activity.

“Kuźnia Skrzydeł” foundation is actively taking part in their students’ improvement and support parents, who wish to provide their children the best environment to develop knowledge.

For more information visit “Kuźnia Skrzydeł” website



Odyseja 2013

Independent Field Association number 55 students’ support with the participation in the project “Mind Odyssey 2013”.

Mind Odyssey is an educational programme executed in the form of international competition ,in which yearly several dozen of thousands students from all over the world take part in. The patron of polish edition is Minister of Education. The aim of the competition is to develop creative ability in children and teenagers as well as arouse their creativity.

Mind Odyssey teaches young people to face up changes, it implants joy of learning and plants faith in their abilities to achieve, that others find impossible.

~ Dr Sam Micklus – Mind Odyssey founder