Investor calendar

 Quarterly Reports *
 I quarter of 2014 years 15.05.2014
 III quarter of 2014 years 14.11.2014  Download>>>  
 Semi-annual reports
 I quarter of 2014 years 29.08.2014  Download>>>
 Annual reports
Individual Annual Report REDWOOD HOLDING SA for 2013
21.03.2014  Download>>>
Consolidated Group Annual Report for 2013     21.03.2014  Download>>>
 The General Assembly REDWOOD HOLDING S.A.
The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  12.05.2014  Download>>>
* according to 83 law 1 and Chancellor of the Exchequer decree about current and recurring  information which is given by issuer of securities and terms of recognising for equivalent information required laws of country which is not membership country (Dz. U. z 2009 nr 33 poz. 259). We inform you that
REDWOOD Holding S.A. will not publish separate, individual, quarterly reports and half-yearly reports, but will publish consolidated, quartlerly reports, which will include abbreviated, individual report about finances and consolidated report half-year, which will include abbreviated, individual report with opinions from fluent auditor.