On 26th April at 10 o’clock in International Faculty of Engineering on Technical University in Łódź took place the final of the IX edition of all-Poland contest ‘THE BEST CLASSES FROM ENTERPRENEURSHIP’. In the final measure one another 13 the most talented and entrepreneurial teams from Poland. The contest is referred to students from all secondary school and high school, who have knowledge from entrepreneurship and they want to extend their knowledge.
Of this or that year organiser of the contest was Student Forum: Business Centre Club. Partners were Technical University in Łódź, Marshall Office in Łódź, Business Centre Club Agency of The Regioncal Delopment in Łódź. Honourable patronage performed Ministry of Economy and National Education, and also Marshall Office in Łódź.
In first stage a three-person teams had to solve case study, which was prepared by CELMA company, the only producer of power tools in Poland, which is included in Complex Capital Group. The condition to get into second stage of the contest was elaboration marketing strategy of CELMA reaching the group of people which are 18-30 years old, supporting the concept 4P/7P, marketing mix and 3.0 marketing and also CSR strategy. Actions, which will help in brand recognition can not exceed 100 000zł in one year.
In second stage of the contest, which was on 12th April on Technical University in Łódź took part 10 teams. They had also to solve case study, which concerns cooperation between science and business , które dotyczyło współpracy nauki z biznesem in the project of supporting academic initiatives by companies. The team which won was from XII High School named Stanisław Wyspiański in Łódź, which in final stood to contest for title of the most entrepreneurial students in Poland.
In big final the task for contestants was to solve case study, which was related to competition ‘DREAM CAROUSEL’ organised by COMPLEX IQ. This time teams had to lay down promotional-commercial campaign, which has to get through to target group, elaborate budget of campaign and the methods of campaign efficacy. Every team had for solving case study an hour and half and then they had to presente their ideas in front of the jury of the contest.
The winner of ‘THE BEST CLASSES FROM ENTERPRENEURSHIP’ is the team from Economic-Gastronomic Regional Complex School number 4 in Oświęcim. The team was represented by Karolina Górkiewicz, Maria Domider i Natalia Cempa under guardianship Mrs Monika Wróbel.
The second place was taken by team in instance: Natalia Bojko, Daria Bojko, Marzena Marcińczyk under guardinship Mrs Bożena Lange-Kuczyńska from VIII High School named Kaziemierz Wielki in Białystok. The third place was taken by team from XII High School in Łódź. Main prize in the contest was laptops, smartphones and cameras bought by COMPLEX IQ and CELMA S.A.