General meeting

Welcome on a site dedicated to shareholders of REDWOOD Holding S.A.
You will find here announcements about General Meeting’s conventions, projects, acts, financial reports, assessors opinions and Supervisory Board reports.
To enter information regarding REDWOOD Holding General Meeting convention you ought to choose a year of your interest.
Information concerning Holding’s general amount of shares and number of votes from the shares in the day of General Meeting announcement.
Amount of shares from every issuance: 2.550.000, number of votes 2.550.000
Series A: amount of shares 75.000, number of votes 75.000
Series B: amount of shares 2.090.950, number of votes2.090.950
Series C: amount of shares 376.550, number of votes 376.550
Series D: amount of shares 7.500, number of votes 7.500
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